Smart Fare Calculation

auto accept feature in taxi app

Ride fares are primarily calculated based on distance and time. A smart fare management system is a system in which automated fare calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, tolls, etc. However, Taxis have tiered pricing depending on the time of day. Thus, don't be surprised if you see a different fare on the same trip in the morning versus late evening hours.

Here's an analytical Taxi fare breakdown:
  • Max fare: $3.00
  • Base fare: $1.00
  • Cost per km: $1.60
  • Cost per minute: $0.40 This charge only applies for the duration that the Driver stopped the taxi (e.g., traffic lights, STOP signs, etc.).

Base Fare: Base Fare is a fare that fare will add to the final fare and other parameters.

Base fare + Fare Per KM +Fare per minute - promo + Gst = Total fare

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