Airport Queue

Airport queue feature in taxi app

Airports can be busy, with many drivers choosing to start their day there. A better system means that a trip request goes to the driver at the airport for a long time. It works on the “first come, first served model.” Thus, the driver gets a trip on a timely basis, meaning a better, quicker experience for riders and drivers - but at the airport, a transparent way to allocate trips is based on a queue system.

How it works:

  • The driver should be verified and online to be a part of the airport queue.
  • Once the driver enters the Airport Geofence area, the app alerts them to add themselves to the queue, OR the driver can be automatically added to the queue.
  • The driver can accept/reject if they want to be in the queue or not for the quick trip allocation.
  • Once accepted, drivers will be allocated a queue number in the app, and trips will be automatically assigned based on the queue's position.
  • After trip allocation to the driver, queue numbers will be revised immediately for all other drivers.
  • If the passenger cancels the booking, your queue number will remain as the previous position before you got assigned the booking.
  • If drivers move out of the Airport Geofence area, then the driver will be automatically removed from the queue.
Priority queue feature in taxi app

Priority Queue

  • The driver will be automatically added to the Priority queue for the next 24 hours (depending on your requirement) if the driver gets the short distance trip ( distance will depend upon the requirement).
  • Priority queue drivers will have a preference over the airport queue drivers.

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