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ridesharing app

Ridesharing apps are top-rated today. The popularity of such apps is due to the dependence on smartphones and rising technology. As a result, such apps have become a comfortable and convenient way to travel.

According to Statista, in the third quarter of 2020, Lyft's adjusted total revenue worldwide was more than $2.8 bn; it was up 46% from the previous quarter when the company achieved $2 bn.

Ridesharing companies like Lyft work on the same concept of ride-sharing apps. Moreover, the increase in air pollution makes ride-sharing apps an eco-friendly solution for travelling. By using the shared journeys, you can also collaborate in reducing air pollution. In addition, by using a ridesharing app, you can also help in reducing traffic congestion and issues of parking spaces.

How It Works

Want to build your own ride sharing or car pooling app? We offer custom ridesharing & car pooling app development to help drivers & passengers connect in real-time. Let’s discuss how it works in four easy steps.



Purchase a pre-built, white-label, and tested ride-sharing app from UBERApps.



We rebrand the ride-sharing app through design and backend customization as per your requirements.



Deploy apps on app stores (Google Play, iTunes) and admin panel setup.


Support and Maintenance

We will take care of all your installations, updates, and maintenance.

ridesharing app development

How do Ridesharing Apps make money

In today's fast-paced environment, it becomes imperative for taxi businesses to have an app as the customers would expect apps for services they want. And if you don't have any app, you'll lose your customers in the long run. So take a look at how ride-sharing apps make money:


A certain percentage of each booking goes to the ridesharing app owners.


App owners run marketing campaigns with other brands, including car and car service centers.

Paid Apps

This monetization model allows the user to purchase the app with a one-time fee for a lifetime license.

Loyalty Points

To sustain revenue, you must provide them with specific benefits for their loyalty in some way.

Ridesharing App Features

Are you planning to build a ridesharing like taxi app? These are the general features to include in ride sharing app.

Vehicle Categories

You can add multiple vehicle categories for the rider to select from available options like a hatchback, sedan, mini, or SUV.

OTP On Trip Start

Before starting your trip, the Driver will enter the five-digit OTP code from the rider app to ensure safety and security, and other fare-related glitches.

Chat Module

Once a ride is booked and accepted by the driver, Drivers and Riders can chat via text messages.

Real-time Tracking

The rider will get real-time updates and notifications for ride accepted, estimated driver arrival time, begin the ride, end ride, or cancel.

Smart Fare Calculation

A smart fare calculation is a system in which automated fare calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, tolls, etc.


Drivers can view their daily and monthly earnings, including total trips. Also, the driver has an option to view his wallet's current balance and details.

Advantages of Ridesharing App

  • It helps those having less or limited mobility
  • It offers less discriminatory practices
  • It is safe, quick, and affordable
  • Moreover, ride-sharing has created millions of jobs globally.

Other benefits of ride-sharing app

  • It is an affordable mode of transportation
  • It keeps drunk drivers off the road
  • No or fewer levels of discrimination
  • Ride-sharing apps increase the mobility of people from low-income households, seniors, and disabilities.

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